• Muhibatul Wafiqoh Pendidikan sejarah Universitas PGRI Banyuwangi
  • Abdul Shomad Pendidikan Universitas PGRI Banyuwangi


This study aims to determine the origin of the telon-telon and python-piton traditions, to know the procession of implementing the telon-telon and python-piton traditions, and to find out the meaning contained in the telon-telon and python-piton traditions in Genteng and Gambiran Districts. In this study using a qualitative descriptive method. The method of collecting data is by means of interviews, observations, documentation. The research instrument is the researcher himself with the help of tools in the form of cameras and tools for taking notes. The data obtained were then analyzed in an interactive way. The results showed that: (1) the tradition of telon-telon and python-piton is a cultural acculturation between Islam and Hinduism, (a) telon-telon comes from the word telu which means three, telon-telon is carried out during three months of pregnancy in the hope of the fetus that is

being conceived always gets protection, (b) the pythons come from the word pitu which means seven, the pythons are carried out during the seventh pregnancy with the aim of asking for safety for the mother and the prospective baby to be born, (2) the implementation of telon-telon and pythons in Genteng and Gambiran sub-districts, (a) implementation of telon-telon in Genteng sub-district, including: preparing three-colored jenang, implementation in Gambiran sub-district, including: kuluban rice, black jenang, (b) implementation of pythons in Genteng sub-district : siraman, pantes-pantes, selling rujak, selling dawet, salametan. reading three verses of the Qur'an, the implementation in Gambiran sub-district: breaking kambel ivory, making four-colored jenang, sengkolo jenang, rujak, dawet and polo pendem, (3) the meaning of the telon-telon and python-piton traditions is to get children who sholeh-sholeha, can be relied on, both in word and deed, useful for others and respects both parents and survived until the birth procession.

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