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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Artikel ini belum pernah dipublikasikan sebelumnya ataupun dalam penilaian di jurnal lain
  • File artikel dalam format file dokumen OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, atau RTF
  • Artikel sudah disesuaikan dengan template Jurnal Santhet: (Jurnal Sejarah, pendidikan dan Humaniora)
  • Naskah sudah sesuai template, jenis huruf Arial dengan ukuran 12pt, 1,5 spasi, ukuran kertas A4 margin kiri 4 cm, atas 3 cm, kanan 3 cm, dan bawah 3 cm. dengan jumlah 4000 sampai dengan 6000 kata
  • Penulisan daftar pustaka sudah menggunakan reference tools seperti Mendeley, Zotero, Endnote.
  • Referensi yang digunakan bersumber dari artikel ilmiah minimal 10 tahun terakhir

Author Guidelines

1. Manuscripts will be published original texts from the results of thought or research in the fields of history, education and humanities;

2. Manuscripts are accepted as written standards in Indonesian or English; The length of the script is about 10-15 pages (or 4. 000 words),

    written in A4 paper  format, Arial 12 font, margins (top, left, right, bottom) 3-4-3-3, 1.5 spaces;

3. The length of the script is about 10-15 pages (or 4. 000 words), written in A4 paper format, Arial 12 font, margins (top, left, right, bottom)

     3-4-3-3, 1.5 spaces;

4. The manuscript consists of five main headings: Introduction (Introduction); Research Methods (Research Methods);

5. Results and Discussion (Results and Discussion); Conclusions and Suggestions (Conclusions and suggestions);

     Conclusions and Suggestions (References);

6. The title of the article must be as short as possible, and must represent the contents of the manuscript;

7. The author's name is written with the title, followed by the author's affiliation and email address;

8.  Abstract written in Indonesian and English. Abstract does not exceed 200 words, narrative writing consists of goals /

     objectives, methods, and research / writing findings;

9. Keywords: words, phrases that are important, specific, or representative for the article and consist of 3-6 words;

10. The manuscript must be written in the following template;

11. The manuscript must be in * .doc, and sent to the journal through the online registration system by creating an account at

       Open Journal Systems (OJS) [click REGISTER if you do not have an account;

12.  or click LOGIN if you already have an account]; All authors, names and identities must be correct and complete by the

        appropriate author: email; affiliation; and a brief biography of each author (in 'Bio Statement'). [If this text was written by

        two or more authors, please click 'Add Author' in step 3 of 'ENTER METADATA' in the archiving process and then enter the

        data of each author.];

13.  Author biography (in the Bio Statement column) is written in narrative form, including the author's full name, place and

        date of birth, educational qualifications / information from undergraduate (S-1) to the most educational level, affiliation

        where the author is at work, telephone number , and email address;

14.  All correspondence, information and decisions to be submitted in the text with e-mail written in the text and /

        or e-mail used for submission.

15.  Status can now be checked at the entrance to Open Journal Systems; If you have questions asked,

         please contact or click Contact