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Categories Manuscript Publications

The categories that JEEE uses for the publication of reviewed manuscripts are:

Accept Submissions : This article is suitable for publication in its present form.

Revision Required : Any necessary changes are minor; The editor will verify that the author made the suggested changes.

Resubmit for Review : Articles are acceptable for publication provided there are significant changes, as indicated by the comments below. Revisions should be reviewed.

Resubmit for Other Places : Articles are better suited for other journals.

Reject Submission : This article is not suitable for publication on JEEE.

See Comments : Reviewers cannot select any of the above.

Publication Frequency Journal of Educational Engineering and Environment (JEEE) is a scientific journal in the field of containing information about ideas, implementation and achievements of research activities in the field of engineering and engineering education. The Journal of Educational Engineering and Environment (JEEE) accommodates publications in the field of Technology and other applied sciences that discuss including: Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Engineering Education in the fields of Technology and Applied Engineering. The journal is published periodically 2 (two) times a year in May and December.